4D Movies: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You


3D movie enthusiasts everywhere are ready for more, and South Korea has the answer. CJ Group of South Korea is working to furnish nearly 200 4D movie theaters in the U.S., and there may be one near you. These movie theaters have been all the hype abroad, and it has potential to be the next big thing here in the United States as well.

4D movie theaters will have equipment that will draw in all the senses. The seats will be able to move, scents will be emitted, and water will be splashed on the viewers; all in sync with  what is happening on screen. These new elements promise to make movies more interactive, and create a more sensational and realistic viewing experience. Imagine smelling gunpowder in the middle of a shoot-out, or having water splash on you when someone dives into the ocean on screen. It creates a new platform for moviemakers to work with. However, this once again distracts filmmakers from the art of filmmaking.

What we have started to see now with 3D movies are cheesy gimmicks and effects that can only be viewed through 3D glasses. Audiences are willing to pay more to see these additions because of the excitement of the there and now, but these movies rarely leave an impact on viewers. I won’t deny that it could be fun and exciting, but we should not forget what films are about.

Movies do not need 3D or 4D technology to make them more desirable. Movies like Casablanca, The Godfather, The Graduate, National Lampoon’s Animal House, Titanic, Pulp Fiction, and others have had a lasting effect on movie watchers today. People still quote many of the classics, and sometimes do so without even knowing it. A great movie only needs good dialogue, good acting, and the right setting. Some do not even need this. I have seen movies with no dialogue (L'illusionniste) that have been have created a longer lasting impression than any of the Transformers movies have.

Not every film that is created will be a classic. That is what makes the films that are one of a kind so special. Some future films will inevitably be cheap shots that will use the 4D technology to make a blockbuster hit, and will have audiences lining up to be a part of it all. The new technology may be stimulating and interactive, but will not be the recipe for another movie that will define our culture.