15 Defining Moments of the Historic 2015 Grammys


Sunday's Grammys show was a lot more than just music. 

During its best moments, it was a night of social consciousness; during its worst, it was a night of unscripted bum-rushes. Kanye did Kanye, Prince told it like it is and Beyoncé stunned the crowd by returning to her gospel upbringing. All in all, it was an especially historic Grammys. Here are the 15 defining moments from the 2015 Grammys:

1. Pharrell put his hands up for #BlackLivesMatter:

2. As did Common:

3. And Beyoncé:

4. Annie Lennox brought old school charm to a new hit:

5. Beyoncé wowed the crowd with her breathtaking performance of "Precious Lord, Take My Hand":

6. Prince's unscripted quote stole the show:

7. Domestic violence awareness took center stage, thanks to President Barack Obama:

8. Domestic abuse survivor Brooke Axtell delivered a powerful spoken word piece:

9. Katy Perry supported her with a heart-stopping song about contemplating suicide:

10. Sam Smith made his sexuality very clear to America while accepting his final award:

11. Brandy Clark was the first openly gay female country musician to be nominated for a Grammy:

12. Beck upset Beyoncé and Sam Smith by winning best album of the year for Morning Phase:

13. And Kanye lost it: 

14. Country musician Glen Campbell won one last Grammy for a song he wrote about his own Alzheimer's:

15. And Joan Rivers won her first Grammy, five months after her death: