Super PAC Money Will Not Matter in Obama and Romney 2012 Race


Before anyone “panics” over mainstream media assertions, the Romney campaign and its supporting PACs are going to buy the 2012 Presidential elections, consider the following written on the Huffington Post less than two years ago:

"The candidate was poised, motivated and smart as a whip. They had an impressive resume, influential supporters and unlimited resources. In the end, none of it mattered. The campaign collapsed over multiple issues including insider Wall Street stock deals to illegal-immigrants working for the candidate …. The campaign began with great promise, but it ended with a GOP official glumly declaring, 'The Republican brand is ... dead.'

The failed campaign of Meg Whitman is one which both the President and Governor Romney should closely examine.

Meg Whitman learned during her run for Governor of California, “Money poorly spent cannot buy an election.” Whitman's spending record included contributing $144 million of her own money in a campaign which totaled $177 million in expenses. Yet former Governor Brown won the elections shelling out  basically 25 cents on the dollar to what the Whitman campaign expended.

Now, if you are a supporter of Governor Romney, there is a “silver lining” to be gleaned from the Whitman campaign. Exit polling showed Whitman’s attack ads failed to buy the type of ammunition which flips the undecided. Had Whitman remained on point forcing Brown to run on his prior record, the results could have been far different.

Whether you remain a President Obama-backer or wish to see Governor Romney win the 2012 election, your respective candidate's fortunes are going to rest on the oldest of political questions: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

Yet even the answer to that question will not be sufficient to win the election as perhaps the majority of eligible American’s voters continue to question,

“Which candidate's vision for the future will develop the economic prosperity which once blessed this great nation with a growing middle class and opportunity of all to achieve upward mobility.”

Our next President is going to have to sell his vision of the future to America something which cannot be done even spending $500,000,000,000 on commercials.Money alone is not going to win this election. Bringing closure to the nation over an economic pathway toward a brighter future for all Americans is not a narrative Advertising is capable of conveying.

It is a message only someone worthy of being President of the United States can articulate finding closure in the hearts of we the people.