Magic Mike the Musical: Chris Brown and Four Other Favorites To Star on Broadway


Ladies, prepare yourselves for some news that will really get you hot and bothered.

It was just recently announced that Magic Mike, the recent risqué and steamy box office hit starring heartthrobs Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer, is headed to Broadway. Although the project is in its early stages, Tatum already says that he wants the production to be “interactive.”

Surprisingly, Magic Mike would not be the first Broadway play whose plot surrounds male strippers. Based off of a hit British film directed by Peter Cattaneo, The Full Monty is the story of six steelworkers who become male strippers to try and win over their Chippendales crazy wives. The musical had a pretty lackluster run: it premiered on Broadway in 2000, closed two years later, and was nominated for 10 Tony Awards in 2001, going on to win none of them. However, it did receive a Drama Desk Award for “Outstanding Music.”

So, what would Magic Mike have to do to beat the odds? What would bring fans back time and time again? Given that the show’s demographic would be straight women and gay men, the only conceivable way, if there is any, for it to develop into a long-term Broadway play would be to continually cast the best looking, most popular actors to play the stripper roles.

If the play were to premiere tomorrow, here is who I would cast as the five who would rake in the most sales, pun intended:

1) Channing Tatum

Obviously, Tatum would have to be cast for the role given his personal connection to the plot, his role in the movie, and his professional experience being a stripper. I am highly confident that Tatum fans will never get tiredold of seeing him perform.

2) Alex Pettyfer

Just as Pettyfer was a perfect fit for the young stripper role in the movie version of Magic Mike, he would also be a great fit for the Broadway version. Although this breakout star is a new face, his popularity has skyrocketed since the release of the movie.

3) Hugh Jackman

Jackman is a perfect candidate for the role of one of the older strippers: he can sing and dance, has Broadway experience, and appeals to an older audience. He also frequents on People's "Most Beautiful" list.

4) Chris Brown

Chris Brown is by far the biggest curveball on the list, but I think that the press that he has received regarding Drake, Rihanna and others, although risky, would be a huge selling point for people to see the show. Ignoring the drama, he is a great dancer and singer, and is in great shape.

5) Justin Timberlake

Justin Timerlake is the closest thing today's entertainment industry has to a Renaissance man: he has been successful as a solo artist, in a music group, on television, in movies, and as a comedian. He would be a great fit given his breadth of expertise as well as mass popularity.

Who would you cast for the Magic Mike Broadway play?