This Is What Women Really Think of Dick Pics


Nothing sums up the difference between men and women's concept of "sexy" better than dick pics. 

Men seem to just love showing off their parts to women unsolicited, in all their slightly shadowy, pixelated glory. But if the thinking is that women will appreciate the sentiment and find it a turn-on, most men are sorely mistaken.

The best proof of this? The women's horrified and hilarious responses in the video "Women React to Dick Pics!" created by vlogger Davey. Forget being turned on — the more common response was a cringe-filled "ewww." 

In response to a photo that is "more balls than dick": "I hope he finds ways to use this and empowers someone. Hopefully he has a good personality too."

In response to a "huge monstrous elephant dick": "See, if I got this dick pic, I'd be like, 'No, we can't fuck. Like, I can't do this."

Oh, and this: "I fucking hate you."

We bet that's not what guys are going for when they hit "send."

What men think women want, they really don't: If the women's reactions in the video weren't convincing enough for men, the data should speak loud and clear.'s annual Singles in America survey, which spoke to 5,675 American singles 18 and over, recently revealed that men are into "sexy texts," but women specifically don't want "sexy texts" or "sexy photos" from guys. 

"I think that a man wants to see a woman's body and a woman may want to see a man in the picture with ... a Rolex watch or a business suit or a pair of cool jeans," said Helen Fisher,'s chief scientific adviser, according to the New York Observer

Single in America

Yet men keeping sending them. Survey data from in 2013 found that 45% of women had received a "sext" photo from men online. And they don't necessarily think they're doing anything wrong — in fact, some men think women appreciate it. Gerry, 23, told Refinery29, "I've mostly sent [dick pics] after a few flirtations back and forth with girls I've met online who seemed to want to hook up. Who wouldn't want to be sent free porn?"


It's science, dudes: While there are certainly women who appreciate a good dick pic — not to mention other varieties of flesh-filled texts — it's not too surprising females would be less inclined toward sexy photos than men. Biologically speaking, studies have found women are most aroused by emotional and mental imaging than by actual photos.

In a 2004 study by Emory University, men displayed notably higher levels of brain activity than women in response to the same sexual visual stimuli. 

"We discovered the male brain seems to process visual sexual cues differently," researcher Stephan Hamann said, according to Science Daily. That means the way guys appreciate sexy photos doesn't quite translate to how women view their dick pics.

Plus, the images women do find arousing tend to not be gender specific, studies have shown. Women are more likely to be turned on by images of all kinds of orientations, and data from sites like PornHub shows women actually seek out lesbian porn more than they do "straight" porn involving, you guessed it, dicks.

"Most women are instrumentalists about dicks. They like it but they like it for the things it can be made to do, like get them off," one guy told Glamour. Another said, "There are very very few women who like dicks as objects. The way you like paintings."

Dude, just ask: All that said, the most repellant part of receiving unsolicited dick pics is the "unsolicited" part. Getting an explicit photo you didn't ask for isn't just shocking — it also means the person on the other end of the line doesn't necessarily have a sense of what you want from them or what turns you on. And for plenty of women, the assumption that a penis photo is sexy reflects men's total misunderstanding of women's turn-ons.

Not sure if the woman you're texting feels that way? Ask. For the love of God, ask. Otherwise, prepare to be giggled at in a YouTube video.

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