We Watched Drake’s New Short Film So You Don’t Have To


Drake released a 14-minute film Thursday called Jungle, a typically reflective, brooding journey with Drizzy. The movie starts with Drake's driver asking how his night was — probably expecting something simple like "fine" — when Drake launches into a soliloquy about the universe and his place in it. 

"Shit's just crazy, like, the whole energy out here's changing, you know?" Drake says. "It's getting dark, man, quick."

This is typical Drake fare, and nobody should be subjected to it in its entirety. So we have a summary for you below.

Drake's driver takes him along winding roads for a solid two minutes before Jungle appears in red letters across the screen. Then the film goes to old footage of Drake as a kid and a teenager in Toronto, with shots of demolished buildings thrown in there for good measure. The highlight is undeniably a young Drake wearing glasses and rapping to the Fugees' "Ready or Not" in his living room. (It starts at 3:27.) There's a cop car on fire, the Space Needle, then we're back to grown-up Drake looking out a window over the city and walking around the streets. 

Then there's a ballet dancer, a cop smoking a spliff and more shots of a brooding Drake at a diner. At 6:10 the beat drops and it's actually pretty great, but it only lasts for half a minute before we're back to Drake talking about nothing in a car for another two minutes. Drizzy wanders around a demonic club, looks kind of like Jafar from Aladdin, falls asleep in a car, then wakes up and drives said car. Fin. 

The point of the movie? "I'm Drake, so I do what I want."

Jungle was directed by Karim Huu Do, and it comes with exciting new music. The score is written by Drake's producer, Noah "40" Shebib. For months, Drake fans have been waiting for his mixtape to drop, and it's rumored that Jungle might be the trailer before it comes out Friday. According to the tweet below, the mixtape is called 2 Far Gone.

The short film could also just be a teaser for his forthcoming album, Views from the 6. Whether the mixtape will drop Friday is up in the air. In the meantime, get your Drizzy fix with Jungle. Or don't. It's really long.

h/t Stereogum