Kate Upton Boyfriend: Justin Verlander May Get Friend-Zoned By the Supermodel


Fans of the MLB Detroit Tigers are joining skinny models and hardcore Catholics in their hate for Kate Upton, as they fear her “Cat Daddy” moves may further distract Justin Verlander.

As the gossip goes, the Sports Illustrated model and the MLB Detroit Tigers pitcher are dating. And fans of the Tigers are not happy, as they fear Upton can cast a “Jessica Simpson effect” (when the singer and Dallas quarterback Tony Romo dated long ago, with potentially devastating effects for the team). Or the Rihanna effect, with Dodgers fans trying to forget “that horrid season” when she and All-Star Matt Kemp were romantically linked.

But, perhaps, Tigers fans should not worried prematuraley. There's a long list of athetes that have been romatically linked to the model just to fall in the "we're just friends" category. Here are some: 

1. Justin Verlander: 


The reigning AL Cy Young winner, is having another great season -- so good that he was named the league's starting pitcher in Tuesday night's All-Star game. But what happened? Verlander got rocked for five runs in the first inning, and the NL rolled to an 8-0 victory, earning home-field advantage at the World Series in the process. Is "Cat Daddy" to blame?

2. Tim Tebow:

The virginal New York Jets quarterback has been romantically linked to the Sports Illustrated model as the pair has been seen out and about in Tebow's new home the sinful New York City. Will Upton affect Tebow's upcoming -- and highly anticipated -- duel with Mark Sanchez (the other Jets quarterback who's also has been linked to the hot model)?

3. Rob Gronkowski: 

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski -- who just appeared on the cover of ESPN: The Body Issue -- has been trying to grab the attention of the 19-year-old blond model through a series of controversial tweets (including a photo of himself placing a candle holder on his genitals) that most likely than not will land him on the friendzone.   

4. Mark Sanchez: 

Upton declined to confirm (or deny) rumors about a supposed romance between her and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez during a Valentine's Day interview with Ellen DeGeneres. However, Sanchez's "Don Juan" reputation could make this totally possible (or not). Will there be any locker room brawls with fellow quarterback Tim Tebow?

5. Victor Cruz: 

Upton appeared next to Super Bowl champion and professional salsa dancer, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit launch Party. Friendzoned?

6. Sean Avery: 

After Upton attended a New York Rangers game at the Garden earlier this year, then-Rangers center Sean Avery and the Sports Illustrated model have been rumored to keep a Twitter correspondence, fueling rumors of a potential romance (or just another friendzoned?).  

7. Blake Griffin: 

The player for the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA is also rumored to have been linked to Upton, after the model was seen attending one of the Clippers games in Los Angeles.