Ron Paul Would Get the Jokers Vote in 2012, Batman Would Vote For Mitt Romney


The tension in the air is palpable as the world waits anxiously for what could be the biggest summer blockbuster ever, The Dark Knight Rises. Since it’s inception, the Batman series has done a wonderful job reflecting the unrest and tension that exists in our society. With its upcoming nationwide release on July 20, the woes of the fabled Gotham City are symbolic of real political unrest that is occurring as the impending 2012 presidential election heats up.

So how would the Batman universe react to election 2012? 

If the characters and setting of Batman is fictive representation of our reality, than who would they really vote for to represent us in the Oval Office?  Let’s find out:

Batman Would Vote for Mitt Romney

Catwoman Would Vote for Barack Obama


Ambiguous in nature, it is hard to really know whom Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) would really vote for. Like Catwoman, cats have the connotation of being cool, aloof and intelligent; similar words are often used to describe President Barack Obama. The two also share the feeling that their words and actions are misconstrued in the media, and slammed in the public. Plus, with Obama’s new health care plan giving coverage to additional 14 million woman, and things like birth control almost free, Obama seems to be the only candidate with Kyle's best interests in mind. Catwoman will not be wearing an “I (heart) Barack Obama” shirt anytime soon, but she can relate to him better than anyone else, making him one of the few men she actually trusts.

The Joker Would Vote for Ron Paul


The Joker is a wildcard; an unpredictable maverick that likes to shake up the system and destroy the status quo. It’s no wonder that Ron Paul would be his candidate of choice. Both men are tired of playing by the rules and make some radical changes into society. The Joker probably does not care about Paul’s promise to end birthright citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants or his free market ideals (the Joker is an absolute anarchist), but the maniacal jokester is probably a fan of his promise to shrink the government, giving the Joker even more freedom to play.   

Bane Could Not Vote


Not only was he born in the outside of the United States, in the Caribbean, Bane is also a convicted felon (he murdered someone as child to save his own life). Thus, he really can’t vote. Since the man spent the majority of his life educating his mind with the best in philosophy, literature, and science while training his body to reach the peak of its physical capabilities, it’s a pity not know who this intelligent man would vote for.