70 Reasons Harrison Ford Is Still a Total Badass


Harrison Ford, known for his roles in Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Blade Runner, turns 70 on Friday. Here are 70 reasons why he's still a total badass, even at 70. 

1) He shoots first.

2) He has the hottest movie line ever. 


3) He proves real men wear earrings.

4) He is armed and dangerous.

 5) He rides a motorcycle in a clean suit. 

6) He's jaded. 

7) He scoffs at the fashion police.


8) He tames wild Tauntauns.


9) He is not fooling around. 

10) Seriously. 

11) No but actually he's really not. 

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12) Why aren't you getting this yet?

13) Uncle Sam means business too.

14) He doesn't give a shit. 

15) He can explain.

16) He is literally everywhere, even in Japan. 

17) He dances like no one's watching. 

18) He loved someone, once. 

19) He's always right. Even when he's wrong. 

20) He will take you to new heights. 

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21) He just wants your kiss. 

22) He is a Renaissance man. 

23) He can pull off suspenders. 


24) He hasn't changed his facial expression in 30 years. 

25) (30 years later.) 

26) He has furry friends. 

27) He has strong bones. 

28) He is not Billy Dee Williams. 

29) He faces his fears. 

30) He has perfect aim ... even with flaming skewers.

31) He always gets the girl. 

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33) He saves the best for his wife. 

34) He is a fashion icon? 

35) He can take a few blows to the head. 

36) He has better things to do. 

37) He'll be right back. He has to take this call right now. 

38) He'll eat anything. 

39) He has the biggest, baddest partner in crime. 

40) He was born ready. 

41) He got Hitler's autograph. 

42) He'll live forever. 

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43) He has friends in high places. 



45) He gives back. 

46) He has glamour muscles.

47) He is a bookworm. 

48) He doesn't burn bridges ... he cuts them. 

49) He goes incognito. 

50) He has a spider named after him. Really.

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51) He breaks the story. 


52) He looks good in uniform. 

53) He is full of charm. 

54) He should have been on Baywatch.

55) He got out of this situation. 

56) He can wear whatever he wants. 

57) He has hidden talents. 

58) He won't take your bullshit.  

59) He always knows what time it is. 

60) He's sneaky like that. 

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61) He would go down with the ship. 

62) He always makes it out alive... then finds danger again.

63) He doesn't even need a cracker to keep Polly.

64) He has the hottest dates. 

65) He is a tortured artist. 

66) He rocks that beach bod. 

67) He is a master of disguise. 

68) He always lends a hand.

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69) He doesn't need home security. 

70) He is Harrison Ford.