Apple Rumors: iPad Mini May Come Soon, But Steve Jobs Never Wanted it


An iPad mini, rumored to be as small as 7 inches, is making the rounds around the internet as speculation grows over what gadget Apple will come out with next.

But the possible iPad mini was never the dream item Apple visionary Steve Jobs wanted.

In 2010, the now-deceased Apple CEO Jobs noted that the smaller screened tablets were not “sufficient to create great tablet apps.” His full interview can be heard here, where Jobs went on to discuss how the software was just not right for that size. Some analysts believe the mini is good idea because it will make the iPad even more portable, yet this leads some to question why Apple would feel a pressure to put out an iPad of this size.

While rumors are still swirling, there are still many who think it is likely. Apple sales are only increasing and there are few competitors that can come as close to what Apple can offer as the tablet gap widens. As this article notes, competitors should be feeling the pressure of Apple's growing line of products. Some are already speculating that the iPad mini could be cheaper, possibly between $200 and $250, making the tablet battle even more competitive. The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg both saying an iPad may possibly come this year. As expected, this has caused a flurry of response throughout the tech world.

Since Steve Jobs never seemed quite intent on putting out a smaller-screened iPad, the idea might be a gamble for Apple. Some have pointed out that current CEO Tim Cook may want to make a few changes of his own to Apple's tablet line after seeing the success of the Kindle Fire and Google's fierce competition in other tech areas with the Nexus 7.

 Do you think Apple will release a mini iPad? Is it a good or bad idea? Weigh in below.