11 Quotes Prove Anna Kendrick Has All the Relationship Advice You'll Ever Need


If you watched the Oscars on Sunday night, you already know that Anna Kendrick's intro performance with Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black was a highlight. She slayed it, of course, just as she did in Into the Woods and The Last Five Years. Oh, and there's that little film called Pitch Perfect 2, coming out in May, where the actress will do what she does best: Rapping and delivering sassy lines for a posse full of adoring peers.

Because let's face it: We're part of that adoring group, too. In between promoting her work and walking more than a few red carpets, Kendrick has been dispensing advice in interviews that is almost as good as her tweets. Considering Kendrick is the type of person most of us want to be or date (or both), when she talks relationship and dating advice, we listen and take notes (or tweet). 

Someone who real-talks as much as Anna surely has surely gathered enough relationship wisdom in her whole 29 years of life to benefit us all — delivered with a dose of humor, of course.

On considering each other's feelings

"The wrong kind of guy to fall in love with is the guy who will let go of the steering wheel as a joke. A guy who finds it amusing to make you uncomfortable, which is more common than you'd think, is someone you want to avoid." — FASHION Magazine

On being taken seriously

"If you tell a guy you don't like being tickled and he tickles you anyway, that's a red flag." — O Magazine


On finding common ground

"Two weirdos found each other because they liked whatever weirdo vibes I was giving off! That was so sweet, it almost made me cry." — FASHION Magazine

On accepting when you just want different things

"I had this intention with the scene with the Prince where we have a hard conversation about what we want. And that was about civility and compassion ... I think there's something really beautiful in respect within separation and my parents showed me that when I was growing up. I feel like the thing that is represented over and over in media is separation where one person is wrong and one person is right and everything is tied up into a little bow with good and evil." — IndieWire

On knowing when to quit a relationship

"[My parents] taught me that staying together for the kids is the wrong approach. It perpetuates this warped idea of what a healthy relationship looks like." — FASHION Magazine


On knowing when to keep things light

"Two subjects to never bring up on a first date are anything to do with the actual reality of your family and, you know, liver cancer and how we've all probably got it." — GQ 

On not faking it

"If a guy was like, 'Let me serenade you,' and it was bad, and I had to lie about it — can't have it." — GQ

On finding romance in the little things

"One of my favorite first dates the guy was mad at me because I'd never tried Del Taco, I think? So we went to the drive-thru of Del Taco, and it was super cute. If you can make Del Taco romantic, then you've got a good thing going." — GQ


On not trying to impress

"A [date] once picked me up in a Mustang and he was leaning on the hood of it. He was waiting for me and I was inside my apartment, looking out the window, thinking 'Oh, this is going to go terribly.'" — FASHION Magazine 

On setting (impossibly?) high standards

"That's my dream. Absolutely. A prince, or a professional athlete. I just worked with the Green Bay Packers, actually, so I'm gettin' into that world. I'm puttin' out feelers. Somebody just take care of me! I hate my job... somebody please just take care of me..." — Daily Beast 

On the importance of drinking — heavily

"If sex is off the table [on a date] and you're, like, 'Let's try and get to know each other,' I would recommend drinking, highly." — GQ