Kim and Kanye Fighting About the Dress Were Every Couple In America Last Night


Forget political debates or sports rivalries. Nothing, apparently, can pit people against each other like the color of a dress.

The Internet exploded on Thursday night with debate over a single dress photo posted on Tumblr with a desperate cry for help: "Guys please help me  — is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?" 

Thus started #TheDress debate, which overtook Twitter, blew up people's phones and, as Kim Kardashian confessed, threatened to tear apart happy couples:

Celebrity couples and regular paramours alike were torn by the debate, in what was truly a classic couple fight: a mundane topic, with zero-stakes outcome, that still somehow stirs up emotions of superiority, insecurity and upset over the revelation that you're not on the same page. How could you be with a partner who sees yellow and gold when you see blue and black?? 

Thankfully, if this is the worst thing a couple fights about, we're all probably in good shape.

And for all the couples out there still arguing over white and gold versus black and blue, you can lower your weapons and come to a happy agreement: The Dress is actually kind of both.