Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Will Raise Campaign Money Through iPhone and Android App


It seems presidential candidates Barack Obama, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have found their way to the iTunes App Store, as mobile payment application “Pay with Square” has unveiled a feature to allow candidates and political organizations to accept donations through iPhones, Androids and other devices – according to The Hill.

All campaign workers – and really anybody interested in taking mobile payments for products or services rendered such as event tickets, merchandising, etc. – have to do is plug in the Pay with Square's card reader into the headphone jack of their iPhone, iPad or Android. 

The device will allow them to swipe people's credit cards, and obtain authorization through the iPhone or Android's line. The campaign worker – who, due to this device’s mobility will be able to take campaign donations from door to door – can then email the donor a copy of the receipt (which is a win-win for the campaign or organization as the convenience of a paperless receipt or certificate makes people more likely to add their email addresses or phone numbers to these campaign and organization’s ever growing databases).

Pay with Square will also help the Obama, Romney and Paul campaigns – as well as innumerable other races across the country – to collect even more funds as its system offers the convenience of not having to fill out forms (ending indeed the era of the clipboard as staple of campaign workers). And, make no mistake, this technology is totally non-partisan: “Whether Republican or Democrat, running for president or local assembly, Square makes it easier than ever for candidates and their organizations to fund raise for their cause,” Dana Wagner, Pay with Square's general counsel and head of government relations, said in a statement.

So, in addition to the endless daily emails presidential candidates – and their surrogates – inundate your inbox with; now, thanks to the wonders of mobile technology such as Pay with Square's, we will be able to keep Mitt Romey, Ron Paul, Barack Obama (and many other candidates and causes from all political stripes) in our pockets, literally scratching them for money 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, the new technology will help campaigns and organizations to collect, keep and track information legally required by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) such as donors' names, addresses, and employers. 

The app developers accept all major credit cards and they also keep 2.75% of all donations made through the app.