Ron Paul Supporters Accused of Creating Drama at Nebraska Republican Convention


Ron Paul supporters have been accused (and congratulated) again for their fervent involvement in yet another state Republican convention – this time in Nebraska – where “Paulites” have been accused of both “creating drama” and also making the Nebraska state convention “relevant again” – according to The Sioux City Journal.

As Nebraska Republicans attend the state’s GOP convention this Saturday, passions are running high with concerns that violence “might erupt” in the “usually sedate and decorous” state GOP convention in Grand Island – where Nebraska’s place near the end of the line in presidential primaries means that everything is pretty well over by the time voters in the state go to the polls.

But thanks to Ron Paul’s unconventional delegate strategy as well as the energy and enthusiasm his supporters have poured state convention after state convention, Nebraska is today in the national news thanks to the Republican delegates from that state that will be chosen to attend the Tampa, Florida, Republican National Convention in August.  

Thanks to Ron Paul’s successfully diseminated libertarian message, Ron Paul supporters will have the chance to add to Paul’s plurality of delegates from different states – increasing the libertarian icon’s clout in the upcoming national convention as well as the likeability of he delivering a big speech on the floor in August.  

The Nebraska GOP convention, where Republicans from that state will select 32 delegates (none of whom will be bound to vote for Romney) to the RNC in Tampa, is the last state convention of the Republican primary process; as well as "the culmination of a four-year effort by Paul and his supporters." The outcome could either mark the end of the Ron Paul Revolution or the dawn of a new era of libertarian Republicanism fueled by a new generation of liberty lovers which will take over the GOP, once its aging establishment "dies out." 

But the transition won't be peaceful as the Republican establishment will cling to its old ways, as evidenced by the Nebraska Republican Party which -- arguing chaos -- has hired extra security for the state convention to prevent supposed clashes with Paul supporters (another gimmick to keep living in denial as the new forces of liberty -- guided by Ron Paul -- slowly but securely reclaim their long-due and violated liberties).