Halo 4, Game of Thrones, and Best Highlights From Comic Con 2012 San Diego


Another successful San Diego Comic-Con International convention is coming to an end this Sunday, with fans not only of comics but also of video games, movies and television shows satisfied after an abundance of spoilers and announcements from their favorite sagas – such as Twilight, Game of Thrones and Iron Man 3 among others.

And this year, A-list celebrities – such as the casts of Twilight and Game of Thrones – attended the legendary Southern California convention to promote their upcoming projects, as well as related releases and merchandising, to an audience amplified by the tremendous media coverage received by SDCC year after year.

Breaking Dawn Part 2’s Jackson Rathbone, Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and Game of Throne’s Mackenzie Crook were just some of the stars that made appearances at SDCC 2012 to the delight of fans and paparazzi. Their presence certainly lent Comic-Con the prestige of other celebrity-studded events – such as The Grammy’s and even the Academy Awards.

In the meantime, gamers around the world also had something for them at Comic-Con 2012. The most prestigious developers – Nintendo (Battle Quest), Epic Games (Gears of War: Judgment), and Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed III) – among others – were the gaming power players announcing their updates and upcoming releases at SDCC 2012: a handful of spoilers that will make gamers happy for the remainder of the year.

Comic-Con 2012 also revealed which upcoming films are in plans or production. There were several announcements regarding upcoming films at this year’s SDCC; among them, the fact that the trailer to the new James Bond movie – Skyfall – will only be displayed in IMAX theaters, and spoilers for Marvel’s upcoming Iron Man 3 (including all the suits and armor which will be used in the next film).

But who really stole the show at this year’s SDCC was director Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds) who continues to push the envelope this time with the upcoming Django Unchained – a movie about slavery (starring Jamie Foxx) which will be released in December. The film, originally written for Will Smith, ended up casting Foxx who said Tarantino’s upcoming “Spaghetti Western” is the best screenplay he has ever seen.