Kristin Chenoweth Accident: Good Wife Injury Sparks Fanfare


An accident, which occurred recently on the set of The Good Wife to actress Kristin Chenoweth, left many of her fans and supporters praying for her to return to good health quickly. Chenoweth, who was filming on the set, was knocked down by lighting equipment that fell on her. The actress was later taken into intensive care and the studio in which the incident occurred issued a statement saying, “a gust of wind blew a lightning silk out of place striking the actress." A day later the actress was perfectly fine and back to her bubbly self, constantly thanking fans for their prayers and support. This, and similar cases with other actors and actresses only highlights how involved society has become in the turmoil of a celebrity's life.

There is no denying the fact that celebrities live in the public eye and everything they do is captured or blogged, depending of course on how scandalous the information is. Yet, even more than the celebrities themselves, the family of the celebrity is thrust into the public eye as well. A good example of this is the public interest in the health of Usher’s stepson who was recently declared brain dead after a jet-ski accident. It seems as though when the celebrities people adore are left in a traumatizing condition due to an accident, everyone becomes absorbed by the information.

As a society, we value things that hold meaning. To some, things like celebrity lives and scandals seem like pointless gossip. Yet, one cannot help to be intrigued when a celebrity becomes ill, injured, or worse, dies. This is because in that moment, people realize that celebrities are people too; and people are deserving of being healthy, no matter who they are. Of course, they're probably pampered way too much, but nonetheless, society will not stop being intrigued by whatever a celebrity does or any accidents which they are involved in because it is likely much more interesting than their own lives.