Kate Upton Boyfriend: Justin Verlander Gives GF Kate a Beer (+Video)


Good girl gone bad Kate Upton – the one and only Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and “Cat Daddy” dance aficionado – has been spotted drinking what it looks like beer at new boyfriend’s Detroit Tigers pitcher – and All Star member – Justin Veerlander luxury suite (even though Upton’s not old enough to legally drink).

The 20-year old model’s spokesperson denied Upton was drinking beer, but declined to say what was in the clear plastic cup passed to the model by a female friend who was also watching the game. 

“Kate was not drinking beer, and was only there to take in the game with a friend,” said the representative; while a spokesperson from the Detroit Tigers assured that all patrons who look younger than 30-years-old are carded before being sold alcoholic beverages.

Let’s just hope this is not the beginning of the end for a wholesome model who has jumped to notoriety as a role model for women with eating disorders. But as it seems to happen with other starlets, as fame creeps in, troubles such as DUIs and rehabilitation centers seem to arise for these young and inexperienced models and actresses.