This Is the Best Celebrity Advice Every Girl and Her Mother Can Agree On


In what might be the best celebrity advice video ever, actress Judy Greer dispensed key wisdom to the folks at Mashable on all matter girl-related, including one particularly keen insight: Your family's more important than you realize.

"Don't forget about your family in your 20s. Because honestly, you're gonna need them to baby-sit your kids when you're in your 30s, and if you've ignored them or been a bitch to them, they're not going to want to help you when you really need it. And you will need it. Because it's free."

Remember to call your mom: Staying close with your parents is significant, and Greer's right that it doesn't happen naturally. It's easy to get caught up in your own life, forgetting to call (or even text — we know moms are great at that too). In the oft-used phrase "work-life balance," the "life" part usually implies social life, aka our friends and romantic partners. But our parents and siblings, no matter how far away they are, are part of that "life" too. 

Moreover, as "adult children," our relationships with our parents have a real impact on our lives, from how stressed out we are to determining how our own marriages fare. 

Staying close with our families, studies have shown, depends on how much we communicate and keep each other front of mind.

Timeless female wisdom: Remembering our parents is only one smart piece of advice Greer has for 20-something women — and it's not the only one our moms would cosign on. A sampling:

"Invest in a really good night cream. You want to be the hottest mom when you're picking your kids up from school in, like, 15 years."

"You can never, ever have too many tampons on you. You can, however, have too many tampons in you. So one at a time, girls, OK?"

"Despite what Cosmo says, no one's eating a jelly doughnut off of a dude's junk. And if your dude's junk fits inside of the hole of the jelly doughnut, that's something you might want to think about for the future. That's forever, so ..."

And last but not least:

"You are not literally dying right now. I mean, technically, we're all dying, like we start dying the minute we're born. But you're not literally dying."

No matter how old you get or what generation you're from, some advice is always worth repeating.