Who Does Emily Maynard Pick: The Bachelorette Men Tell All and Emily Maynard Shares Her Thoughts


Although it prolongs the amount of time America has to wait in order to discover the final decision, “The Men Tell All” episode of The Bachelorette always proves to be very, well, telling. It is usually the first time the bachelorette has seen the eliminated men since the taping of the show, which always makes for some entertaining, awkward encounters.

Monday night was no different, as Emily Maynard had to face the men she let go over the course of this season. This morning, People Magazine released an exclusive blog post from Emily about last night’s episode, which outlines her feelings regarding some of the men. Below are the highlights:


Emily’s biggest worry for last night’s episode was for Sean to be upset given their emotional and pretty abrupt breakup in Curacao, which aired last week on television. Emily even admits to “ugly crying” while rewatching their goodbye. Thankfully, however, Sean said that the opportunity has given him “hope for the future” and she is excited to proceed on good terms moving forward.  


Besides Kalon, Ryan was probably the most disliked man in the house given his heightened confidence that came off as complete arrogance. Fortunately, Emily saw right through it and eliminated Ryan on a one-on-one date. With this having been said, Emily was looking forward to seeing whether Ryan would own up to his egotism, which he did not even after being called out by Emily as well as the rest of the guys.


Probably the funniest goodbye in The Bachelorette history was Doug’s with Emily in which they kissed and broke up virtually simultaneously. In the words of Emily, “you’re not good maybe sometimes at reading a girl’s sign and I’m not good in awkward moments.” On a more serious note, Emily was happy that she got the opportunity to thank Doug for sticking up for her when it came to Kalon’s “baggage” remark in London. If it weren't for Doug, she continues, she might be engaged to Kalon.


Days before “The Men Tell All” episode, Emily saw a tweet from Kalon making yet another "baggage" joke, this time at a baggage claim, which was followed by a tweet saying "sorry I'm not sorry." She notes that she would have definitely accepted an apology from Kalon before seeing the aforementioned, but now would never. Kalon tried to make a, in Emily’s words, “bull****” excuse last night, but failed miserably, getting confronted by not only Emily but also the rest of the guys as well as the audience.


At the end of her post, Emily reminds fans to “be sure to tune in on Sunday for, by far, the best episode yet!,” which is pretty telling. There have been some rumors that Emily would pull a Brad Womack and walk away alone. However, this statement makes me believe otherwise.