Colorado Obama Voters Outweigh Romney Supporters


Editor's Note: Colorado is one of the key swing states in the 2012 election, along with Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Nevada. For the next several months, we'll be asking voters in each of these states to describe the mood in their state and discuss what it's like to live in a swing state. Here, we caught up with Colorado voter Sherri Mitchell.

PolicyMic (PM): What advertisements are currently playing on the air? Are they all negative?

Sherri Mitchell (SM): TV ads are split fairly evenly between Obama and Romney.

PM: Are you and your friends more excited for Obama or Romney? 

SM: I and most of my family and close friends lean towards Obama, although my Facebook family in Colorado seems to be split.

PM: Are people going to vote at all in 2012? How is the mood different from 2008?

SM: The people I know well and who I consider close to me are planning to vote. The energy is leaning towards Obama, but seems to be more about maintaining Obama out of not trusting Romney. They are excited about Obama, but recognize that he can only do so much given the current representation in Congress. I tend to hear more people than ever before talking about the importance of the local- and state-level elections. 

PM: What's it's like to live in an important swing state?

SM: So far, it's fun! Having the Obama and Romney families and campaigns visiting and focusing on us keeps the conversation about politics alive. I have friends in California and other typical blue and red states and they seem to be less involved, because "we always vote the same way."