Nas Album Life is Good Promoted On Colbert Report


On Tuesday, Nas will join Stephen Colbert for what promises to be an interesting match-up of rhythm and wit. 

On a promotional tour for his new album, Life Is Good, the Brooklyn born hip hop artist is currently sitting pretty as one of today's most powerful artists. Life Is Good, released Tuesday, has been met with some glowing reviews. The Los Angeles Times wrote, "Nas not only still has it, but has vast quantities of it. Lucky for us, he's still inspired by the need to share -- even the moments when life isn't all that great." 

Contrary to the album's title, life certainly hasn't been all good since the release of Nas' untitled 2008 album. In 2009, Nas and his pop-singer wife Kelis divorced, which separated Nas from his two-year-old son; a topic he addresses in the track "Bye Baby". 

Surely Colbert will skim the surface of these deeper issues, but as Colbert fans know Nas should be more prepared to answer life's funny questions than life's serious ones. 

Nas was previously on The Colbert Report in 2008, when Nas and Bill O'Reilly were in a feud after Nas started a petition accusing Fox News and Bill O'Reilly of being racist. Nas challenged O'Reilly to a debate to which Colbert asked why hadn't he asked O'Reilly to duke it out in a freestyle rap. 

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