Mic Launches Video with the Premiere of 'Flip the Script,' a Brand New Show

ByMic Video Team

Today, Mic is thrilled to announce the premiere of our first video series, Flip the Script, hosted by Liz Plank. Each week, the show will tell a different story that confronts social issues and challenges traditional assumptions people have about the world. The series combines substance and smarts with fun, wit and irony.

Watch the first episode about diversity in the fashion industry, and expect a new episode every Tuesday at 11 a.m. for the next 10 weeks.  

Flip the Script is the first of many new series Mic will launch over the next few months. From exploring science and technology to analyzing current events and showcasing influential leaders and thinkers, Mic will start interesting conversations about the issues and trends that define our time.

We're focused on the quality of video instead of the quantity. Our team is not just sitting behind a desk in the office. We're out in the world, talking to real people about important stories.

We want to explore, contextualize and inform. Mic's diverse video offering will get you thinking and stay with you after you're done watching. We'll be telling the stories you should be talking about with your friends over dinner.

If there's something we should know, we want you to tell us. Email us at video-team@mic.com with any thoughts, comments or ideas about stories that we should cover in the future. We read every email, and we value your feedback.

Thank you for being a Mic reader (and now a Mic viewer!). We appreciate your support!