10 Reasons Obama Will Lose Easily in Election 2012


In recent days, the president has managed to divert national attention away from his administration and dismal performance to an absurd debate about when Mitt Romney stopped managing Bain Capital and about capitalism in general. I think it is time we returned to issues that are relevant to the election.

In this regard, I created a list of 10 things that Barack Obama has botched during his time in office, and which we should focus on instead.

1. Health Care: Obamacare, which seemingly began the day the president assumed office, was the beginning of the end. Obama set aside all of the crushing economic problems facing Americans and made a bid for immortality. He thought, by reforming health care, he would solidify his legacy. It was his “FDR moment.”

Unfortunately, the gambit failed miserably, not because this country does not need universal health care, but because America could not afford it; the law required participation by many Americans who did not want it; the entire effort diverted resources and congressional attention away from the economic crisis; the process created a huge and unresolvable schism between the two major political parties; and Obama promised reduced health care costs that very few people believe will come to pass.

2. Fighting Off the Tea Party: Obamacare was the principal reason why the Tea Party gained power and has turned our political system upside down. Obama created this monster and now it is his worst enemy. Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) was elected in response to the health care debate effectively stealing away the Democratic super majority in the Senate. Since then, America has seen nothing but partisanship and obstruction in the nation's capital.

3. Jobs: While the political parties fought over Obamacare, millions of Americans lost their jobs, went on welfare, lost their homes and cut back spending dramatically. Just think of what effect a $1 trillion stimulus, in place of a $1 trillion health care law, would have done for our economy.

4. Leadership: Obama has not been able to effectively lead this country. Many presidents have had to negotiate with hostile Congresses throughout the history of our country. Rarely has a president been so ineffective and so inept at finding compromise. Given that Obama campaigned on a promise to bring the two sides together, his performance is that much more disappointing. I stipulate that Republicans are obstructionists and that they indicated they wanted to unseat the president after one term. So what. What opposition party feels differently?

5. Class Warfare: I did not vote for Obama but was hopeful he would bring civility to Washington, amity between the races and improve the reputation of America globally. He did none of the above. In fact, he made a few million new enemies; affluent Americans who he denigrated, badgered and persecuted for political gains.

His theory is that 1% of the population equals 3 million people ... if you initiate class warfare, 99%, or 297 million people will side with you against the minority. The math did not work out that way for the president. The affluent must be co-opted into the economic process as they really do have a large impact on new jobs and are the backbone of the economy.

6. The Economy: In the same vein, Obama has been ineffective when it comes to economic revitalization. His go-to issue is increasing taxes on the wealthy. Actually, that is his only strategy. The president has resisted spending cuts even if they are targeted at unproductive programs.

Although he gives lip service to the scourge of entitlements, they will be sacrosanct so long as he is president. This attitude prevails even though the vast majority of economists believe that entitlements are bankrupting our country.

7. Super PACs: Obama eschewed campaign finance reform by shunning public financing when he ran against John McCain (thereby breaking a campaign promise). The result: a takeover of our electoral process by super PACs, upwards of $4 billion will be frittered away during the 2012 election, aggressive TV ads that are full of lies and spin and greater influence of the wealthy on our leaders. 

8. Europe: The reputation of America globally is best exhibited by how much the European Union has relied upon our country during its economic crisis. Our economy is the largest in the world. Yet, the Europeans have not consulted with the U.S. to any great extent. I wonder why. Is it because they believe Obama brings nothing to the table?

9. Obama's Own Problems: When will America’s problems be Obama’s problems, rather than George Bush’s or a hostile Republican House of Representatives or anyone else? Sure, Obama inherited a mess, but it has gotten worse in nearly every regard on his watch.

10. Squashing Other Opinions: I think Barack Obama thinks most Americans are idiots and fools incapable of managing their lives. I think the president hates Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike. He wishes the U.S. were a monarchy so he could govern by fiat. The president’s swagger is disquieting. His inane speeches that affords audiences no new information are disappointing. His disregard of other opinions is shameful.

The thought of another four years of this administration is a nightmare that may happen.