Jon Stewart Helps Fox News Celebrate the Network's No. 1 Fan: Fox News


As a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn, so does a hateful network occasionally stumble onto a fraction of the truth.

After the Department of Justice released a report that concluded "hands up, don't shoot," the emblematic phrase of the Ferguson protest movement, was never actually uttered during the Michael Brown shooting, Fox News had a field day. Last week, they asked for apologies. But this week, they solicited praise for getting it right. Jon Stewart, ever the generous spirit on Thursday night's The Daily Show, was happy to offer some harsh insight.

"While of course the whole 'rush to judgment' complaint is bullshit — Fox is nothing but a rush to judgment in almost every situation — okay," Stewart said with a chuckle. "You're the 'caution and sober reflection' network."

Ridiculously, after begging for mainstream networks to recognize Fox News, host Megyn Kelly tried to sell the idea that Fox doesn't care about the recognition. Of course, Stewart saw that for the nonsense it is.

Mic/Comedy Central

But to commemorate Fox's "singular achievement of being right," Stewart and the Daily Show team put together a clip reel of Fox News's biggest fans giving thanks for Fox News.

Mic/Comedy Central

In the end, as Stewart noted, the now 18-years-old Fox News will always be for Fox News — and will never stop congratulating itself for it, either.

Mic/Comedy Central

While journalistic responsibility is nothing to laugh about, Stewart is right to call out Fox News' self-congratulatory back-patting for what it is: bullshit. That Fox News is the "most trusted" network in America necessitates Stewart's calling them out. If the network only highlights these very minute accomplishments while disregarding its multitude of mistakes, viewers must keep "the truth" the network offers in perspective. It's too bad that's all just a lot of hog wash.   

Watch the full clip below.