Who Got Voted Off Big Brother: Willie Hantz Rules the House


What do you get when you throw 12 strangers into a house equipped with an abundance of cameras watching your every move and microphones listening to your every word? That’s right, it’s Big Brother.

The 14th season of CBS’s reality competition show Big Brother premiered last week with a bang, as the houseguests were told the big twist of the season: they would each be assigned to an all-star captain. Not only are they competing for a $500,000 cash prize, but the all-star whose players win the game will win $100,000. The houseguests are certainly in for a treat. They will be hosted by Britney Haynes, who placed fourth on Big Brother 12, Dan Gheesling winner of Big Brother 10, Janelle Pierzina who placed third on both Big Brother 6 and Big Brother: All-Stars, and Mike “Boogie” Malin winner of Big Brother: All-Stars. Here are the teams:

Team Britney: Willie Hantz, Shane Meaney, JoJo Spatafora

Team Dan: Kara Monaco, Danielle Murphree, Jodi Rollins (eliminated Day 1)

Team Janelle: Joe Arvin, Wil Heuser, Ashley Iocco

Team Mike “Boogie”: Jenn Arroyo, Frank Eudy, Ian Terry

Of the houseguests, the most notable is Willie Hantz, a tankerman from Louisiana living in Texas. Just by his last name, most reality show junkies, like me, would raise an eyebrow. But, by looking at him, it is obvious that he is related to both Russell Hantz, one of the most notorious villains in Survivor history, and, thus, Brandon Hantz, Russell’s nephew who had a short-lived Survivor career due to his uncle’s negative reputation. He tried to keep the fact that he was Russell’s brother under wraps to take a target off his back, but has already failed to do so after telling his alliance.

In fact, after Team Britney’s victory in the first Head of Household (HoH) Challenge, Britney chose Willie to be the house’s first HoH of the season, earning the power to nominate the two houseguests up for eviction this week.

However, before Willie could nominate anybody, host Julie Chen announced that instead of Have-Have Not Competitions, there would be Coach Competitions, in which the coaches would not only be able to grant one of their players immunity for the week but also be able to decide who would be “have nots” for the week, meaning that they would have to sleep uncomfortably and only eat the infamous Big Brother slop.

After a victory by Mike “Boogie” in the Coach Competition of the week, he smartly chose to save Ian Terry, an engineering student at Tulane University whom Willie was planning on nominating to evict due to his annoying antics in the house thus far.

With respect to gameplay, the coaches seem to be driving the strategy in the house as it is a Team Britney and Team Janelle alliance vs. a Team Mike “Boogie” and Team Dan alliance. As a result, Willie unsurprisingly chose model Kara Monaco and unemployed Frank Eudy, one from each of the boys’ teams.

Find out Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS whether Kara or Frank is able to win the Power of Veto Competition, which would force Willie to nominate a replacement for eviction.