Bristol Palin, Samuel L. Jackson, and 9 Hilarious PSAs on Teen Pregnancy and More


There's something about public service announcements that lends itself to utter absurdity. Such are the perils of trying to convince an eclectic viewing public of the evils of a particular activity in 30 to 60 seconds. But their outraegous failure is our amusement. And so for your viewing pleasure, here are 9 funny PSAs that were as effective as a paper umbrella.

1. How to spot a communist

If opposing the domestic and foreign policy of the United States is a sure sign of being a communist, then comrade Ron Paul is the biggest Leninist in the U.S. Congress. 

2. Having unprotected sex with somone is just like shooting them in the head

Before MTV came out with this PSA, I wasn't sure if having unprotected sex was just like murdering my partner, but now I know! And knowing is half the battle. 

3. How to spot a gay

This PSA says, "One never knows when the homosexual is about." I guess they didn't have gaydar in the 1950s. 

4. Put down the damn gun!

Wisecrack omitted out of fear that Samuel L. Jackson will track me down and go Samuel L. Jackson on me. 

5. Marijuana everywhere!

If only procuring marijuana were this easy...I'd live in California!

6. Duck and cover

When a nuclear blast goes off in your area, remember to duck and cover, placing your head between your knees so you can kiss your ass goodbye.

7. This is your brain on drugs

I'm confused. Am I supposed to stop doing drugs, or stop eating eggs?

8. Pee Wee Herman talks about crack cocaine

Crack may be whack, but I guess Pee Wee missed that PSA about public indecency. 

9. Bristol Palin and "The Situation" make a PSA on teen pregnancy

Your IQ is now 20 points lower after watching this video.