44 Photos That Prove Obama's Got This Election in the Bag


We all know intuitively that Obama is cooler than Romney. But is there hard evidence that proves the president's superiority?

If Obama is elected in November 2012, he'll remain the 44th president of the United States. Here are the 44 reasons Obama is way more awesome that Romney. At everything:

1) Obama knows how to dance.

... Romney lacks smooth moves.

2) Obama is civilized.

... Romney is savage.

3) Obama reads literary classics to children.

... Romney reads only about himself.

4) Obama fist bumps.



...Romney can't figure it out. 

5) Obama has millions of fans in faraway places.

...Romney can't even fill a stadium at home.

6) Sasha and Malia love their dad.

... the Romney boys look like they're about to run away from home.

... Romney is an awkward teenage boy.

8) Obama is the Wild West.

...Romney has no idea how to wear a hat.

9) Obama is a former Baywatch cast member.

...Romney swims with his shirt on.

10) Obama has badass friends.

...Romney tries way too hard to fit in.

11) Obama proves his superhuman strength.

...Romney just surrounds himself with gold.


12) Obama is friends with humanitarians. 

...Romney is buddy-buddy with guys who say "You're fired!"

13) Obama is an artist.


... Romney is a caricature.

14) Obama doesn't even need to tighten his tie.

...Romney looks like he can't breathe.

15) Babies feel safe in Obama's arms.

... but want to jump out of Romney's.

16) Obama knows how to high-five.

... Romney needs a lesson.

17) Obama is a dog-lover.

...Romney strapped his dog to the roof of his car for 12 hours.

18) Obama brushes that dirt off his shoulder.

...Romney may not even have shoulders.

19) Obama channels his inner-James Bond.

...Romney wears creepy cop costumes for fun.

20) Damn it, Obama. You're setting a bad example. 

...I guess Romney is the healthy choice.

21) Obama loves his lady.

...Romney thinks Ann stinks.

21) Obama can jump like no other.

...Romney catches the ball sitting down.

23) Obama enjoys a drink with good company.

...Romney chugs so he can get through the night.

24) Obama plays peekaboo with little kids.


25) Obama plays America's pasttime.

...Romney is on his high horse.

26) Obama looks intelligent when he's contemplating.


...Romney not so much.

27) The First Lady is a class act.

...Ann Romney let someone vomit on her shirt.

28) Obama's shadow shows off his dorky ears. Cute.

... Romney's shadow makes him look like an ex-con.

29) Obama was a cute kid.


... OK, Romney was adorable, too.

30) Obama delivers majestic speeches in the pouring rain.

...Romney is nowhere to be found.

31) Obama unleashes his inner-Uncle Sam.

...Not quite there yet, Romney.

32) Obama loves hearing what you have to say.

...Romney wants you to shut up.

33) Obama is a friendly flier.

...Romney hoards all the chips.

34) The force will be with Obama, always.

... Guns are nowhere near as cool.

35) Speaking of force... Obama's secretly a ninja.

...Stiff would be an understatement for Romney.

36) Obama looks holy in front of religious symbols.

...Romney is living on a prayer.

37) Obama has 27 million FB friends.

...Romney has 2 million.

38) Obama killed it with March Madness predictions.

...Romney. Is. Not. Crying.

39) Obama looks like a leader in his posters.

...Romney doesn't even appear on his posters.

40) Obama wore leather when he was young.

...Romney has worn this suit his whole life.

41) Obama knows how to cook.

...Romney can't even open the box.

42) Awwwwww.

...Fine, marrying your high school sweetheart is pretty cute too.

43) Obama plants trees to save the environment.

...Romney thinks sea levels should rise before we take action.


44) Obama has a #winning smile.

...Sorry, Romney. Better luck next time.