This Photo of Two Women Hugging Is Gaining a Ton of Attention for a Surprising Reason


One Brazilian man shared his rage on Facebook with a photo featuring two woman embracing on a subway platform. Judging by the viral response to his strongly worded post, it seems that Facebook users largely feel the same.

Nelson Felippe/Facebook

According to BuzzFeed's translation, Nelson Felippe writes, "I'm not prejudiced. I think people should do whatever they want to with their lives. But I think it's absurd that I should be forced to witness a scene like this."

He adds, "What people do in private is their business only, but yes, what they do in public concerns me. And I refuse to see a scene like this and consider it normal."


"They're challenging social conventions, and that can be dangerous," he writes. "What if some tragedy strikes, or worse, if someone dies, who's to blame." 

Felippe, like so many before him, invokes concern for the Children: "What would happen to a child who sees this scene every day?"

Then, the tables turn. 

"Kids will think it's normal to wait for the subway on the yellow line," he writes. 


"So don't act like that guy over there," he concludes. "Follow the example of the girls," he says, who are standing safely away from the platform edge.

Considering recent blows to LGBT communities in the United States, such as the "religious freedom" legislation passed in Indiana and subsequent thoughtless comments made about it, Felippe's post is a clever reminder of what should really be considered dangerous today — like proximity to speeding trains, not individuals peacefully living their lives and expressing their love for one another. 

h/t BuzzFeed