Sarah Palin Snubbed By Romney and the RNC: Why Palin is Too Polarizing for This Election


The Republican National Convention is coming up and so far Sarah Palin hasn't received an invitation. CBS News reports, "if Palin is not invited, it would be only the third time since 1976 that the No. 2 person on the GOP ticket from the previous election was not given speaking time." Intentionally leaving Palin out of the Republican National Convention would certainly send a clear message that Romney does not want her involved. But, why would he? Palin openly endorsed Newt Gingrich and does not show any signs of helping Romney get elected. 

Palin brings a kind of divisiveness to issues that leaves people with little confusion about how she feels on a topic. She has very clear friends and very clear enemies. Romney, on the other hand, tries to make friends with everyone while leaving both sides confused about what he really believes. His campaign feels a little like soda that sat out on the counter too long: no more fizz. Romney may be wise to choose Palin as his vice presidential candidate because she has many characteristics that he could use to his advantage: charisma, energy, and general influence in the Republican party. As CNN stated, "Sarah Palin could do something Mitt Romney can't: fire up the base." Besides lacking clarity on political issues, Romney lacks the kind of "punch" that Palin has that draws a crowd. 

In response to not being invited to the Republican National Convention Palin said, "there are consequences for calling out both sides of the aisle for spending too much money, putting us on a road to bankruptcy, and engaging in crony capitalism." 

I don't think Palin is surprised at being snubbed by Romney. Romney continually shows that he wants to appease both sides which is not a game Palin plays well. She creates messes and stirs the pot. I think the convention could use a good honest stirring. Romney doesn't seem as interested in inviting someone like Palin who will assuredly change his smooth and polished appearance. We will see how this choice serves him in November 2012.