Ron Paul, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney: Find Out Which Candidate You Match Up With On This Survey


A friend sent me a link yesterday via my Facebook page. It said that he agrees on more issues with Jill Stein, the recently named Green Party presidential candidate, on more issues than any other Presidential candidate in 2012. Besides thinking, “Seriously?” I couldn’t help but wonder whom I would be most aligned with if I answered the questions in the survey honestly and with no intention of aligning to my candidate of choice, Ron Paul.

The website that he directed me to was and is exactly what it sounds like. The reader is requested to answer a series of questions based on several issues that are being contested in this year’s election. Besides the basic questions, you can (and should) click the “more options” button to have more specific choices. So instead of the generic question of “Should marijuana be legalized?” you’ll get options including, “Yes, but only if it is duly regulated by a government office like alcohol.”

To make it even more accurate, you are asked to label the issue by importance. There are five options from least important to most important. By appropriately selecting these options, your concerns become prioritized and thus can be more closely aligned to a candidate’s platform.

Obviously, as I mentioned earlier, you really need to answer the questions honestly to get a good read on your actual political affiliations. Even then, the choices can be very close. In my case, I aligned 90% with Gary Johnson and 81% with Ron Paul, my top two choices.

It was my 3rdchoice that disturbed me, and ultimately pointed out the fatal flaw in polls such as this. I was 61% aligned with Mitt Romney. Now, as we all know, Mitt has had a ferocious propensity for flip-flopping over the years. This poll takes into account the things that he is saying while on the campaign trail.. For that reason he came up as my 3rdchoice, since he is saying what conservatives (mostly) want to hear.

My 4thchoice was Barack Obama at 27%. This made a lot of sense to me because I do pride myself on examining all sides of a discussion and understanding that most things are not black/white in politics, but rather they are tinted with a Touch of Grey.  

So, here is my challenge to you fine readers. Take the poll. Answer it as honestly and completely and specifically as you can. Then, take a moment to reply in the comments with you personal preferred candidate of choice, and the candidate that the poll says is most closely aligned to your own beliefs. Finally, pass this on tour friends and encourage them to do the same. Perhaps they’ll even come to and join up in order to share their scores.

By the way, not surprisingly to me, I had a 0% match with Jill Stein.