13 of Emma Watson's Best Pieces of Advice for Young Women


On Wednesday, Emma Watson — Harry Potter starlet, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, college graduate and all-around badass — celebrated her 25th birthday

Though she's only been kicking for a quarter of a century, Watson has already accomplished an enormous amount, and she serves as a role model for millions of young women around the globe. While she's been in the news of late for her work on women's issues, Watson has a lot to say about plenty of other things, including careers, relationships, self-confidence and beauty.

To help celebrate her birthday — and her much-deserved status as a heroine for women everywhere — we've put together a list of 13 of her best pieces of advice. 

1. Your body is beautiful — embrace it as it is.


She kept it real in an interview with Elle magazine in 2011, saying that even she sometimes feels self-conscious about her appearance. Most importantly, however, she stressed the importance of being comfortable in one's own skin.

2. Careers don't have genders. Be whatever you want to be.


This pithy piece of advice was given to a user on Twitter whose father told her engineering was a "men profession." When the young girl asked Watson for guidance, the actress gave the perfect reply. 

3. It's all about consent.


When it comes to dating issues, she's got it covered. During a Q&A with Facebook in London, she argued that chivalry can be perfectly fine, as long as the woman at whom it's directed is okay with it.

4. Define one another by the way we are.


Delivered during her much-lauded speech in September at the United Nations headquarters in New York, this was just one of about one thousand brilliant tidbits.

5. Channel your anger into action.


This was her response to the Internet trolls who threatened to release nude photos of her during what became known as "The Fappening." Hear that? That's the sound of a thousand high-fives. 

6. Speak up. Now, not later.


Another sound bite from her UN speech included a stellar piece of advice on self-confidence and taking the leap to do something you believe in.

7. Trust your gut.

During an interview with the Independent, she took the pressure off of herself — and everyone else.

8. Mess up. Then learn from it. 


"I think it is right I am paid the same as my male counterparts."

It's not every day that a then 23-year-old can provide excellent bits of life advice, but this is Emma Watson we're talking about.

9. Know your worth.


Given that the gender pay gap is still a massive problem throughout the globe, Watson's firm belief in economic equality rings truer than ever.

10. You, and only you, control your destiny.


Back in 2009, when she was still figuring out who the hell she wanted to be, she still managed to maintain the wisdom we've come to expect from her.

11. Embrace your fears, and then beat them.


Delivered during the press tour for the final installment of the Harry Potter series.

12. "Beauty is letting yourself live."


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this is a pretty damn good way to describe it.

13. Young girls are warriors, not fragile princesses. 


Providing inspiration for young girls (and women) everywhere.