Obama vs Romney Louisiana: This Swing State Will Decide the 2012 Election


With the presidential election around the corner, many are looking to the swing states as the deciding factor. Many states are key players in what I consider the biggest political decision ever. In my eyes, the political battle between President Obama and Governor Romney is the difference between four more years of good intentions or four years of a Bush-like administration that would make things only worse. I understand all the facts and statistics about each candidate, but the thought of Romney being in the Oval Office really makes me downright terrified.

Though I'm not always able to sit and watch television, because I'm a working single mom, I have seen quite a few 2012 election commercials.  I'd have to say the majority of the ads are negative and are pro-Romney. I've even seen and ad that's selling a "Bye-Bye Obama" countdown clock. There's a bobble-head Obama figurine in top of a clock that's supposed to countdown the days until Obama would be removed from office. I wonder what are they going to do when Obama remains President of the United States. The Obama 2012 commercials are usually positive. They state the facts, and aren’t as nasty as the Romney ads.

Just about everyone I know is an Obama 2012 supporter all the way -- including myself. People of all races and ages support our president. I'm not saying that I haven't come into contact with a Romney supporter, but if I have they never inferred it. Even looking at car bumper stickers, in my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana, I've yet to see a Romney bumper sticker. The mood may be a bit different from the 2008 election, but I don't believe that it will stop people from hitting the polls, especially African-Americans and young people. For some, they support Obama even if they don't agree with every decision he's made. For others, it's all about keeping Romney out of the White House.

Here in Louisiana, we feel the hard times that everyone else is feeling and we just want a helping hand. We’re no different than citizens from other states. We're concerned about education, decent jobs, health care, and every other topic that pains America. This year's election will be deciding not only our fate, but our children's as well. If we don't get out and vote, we'll be letting our children and ourselves down.