Watch Three Ex-Police Officers Smoke Marijuana for the First Time in Years


Though marijuana smokers have a bad reputation for being burned-out college kids or directionless losers, the fact is that it's a surprisingly common activity. Everyone from parents to CEOs is lighting up — even, it turns out, police officers.

Cut Video released a new video just in time for the 4/20 "national holiday" interviewing three former police officers while they get high, sharing their views on marijuana, its legality and where they stand on pot smoking in America.

Meet Rene, a police officer who "went to work in [1970] and didn't retire until '97," David, a reserve police officer from 1997 through 2004, and Robert, who went to the police academy in 1970 and "worked until the fall of 1986," before becoming a police trainer and teacher.

After getting high, the former officers talk about their law enforcement experience with the drug and their current views on its legality in the U.S.

Rene explains that while he had never arrested someone for smoking marijuana, he had taken it away from people and thrown it away in front of them, believing it was a "bigger deterrent than actually writing them a criminal citation."

Robert, a longtime veteran, is very forward with his stance:


But the trio also takes a break from policy talk to continue lighting up:


They then take turns giving each other standard procedure field sobriety tests:


Throughout the interview, the former officers make several interesting points about their experiences with marijuana both on a professional and personal level, many of which echo the generally growing sentiment  among the American public that marijuana should be more accessible and not as highly policed, especially for medical consumption.

They end the video like this, because it's just awesome:


h/t High Times