The Crazy Tricked-Out Beer Pong Table of Your Dreams Is Finally Here


With LED lights, a ball cleaner and a surface that reacts to movement and keeps score, the BPT X5 is the craziest beer pong table ever created.

Jeff Nybo, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has been tinkering with the concept and design since 2011. Now, with a fully developed table, he's using Kickstarter to get it put into production.


The table is built with an LED grid that can do anything from dance along to music to display the score based on how many cups are in the designated spots to scroll a message throughout the game. Additionally, "RGB pods" interact with cups and can change color and animations, while Air Baths wipe away grime and a VU meter detects and reacts to nearby music.

The table is also Bluetooth-enabled to update or customize Nybo's existing software. A remote can easily change the animations and an SD card can save and run animations.

And those are just some of the features.


The price is steep for something you'll probably spill beer all over. The kit and instructions run $65 to $399; a fully built and assembled table is $1,800. 


"For an average person for a beer pong table, it's a little up there," Nybo said, according to CBC News. "It's a little higher than I would like it to be, but that's just how it is."

Watch it in action:

While Nybo's design isn't the first innovative way to spruce up of a college party game, it's the most sophisticated. By proxy, it's part of a movement encouraging people with a little mechanical know-how to create inventive, DIY versions of products. It can be anything from a satellite dish used to receive Internet to any number of open-platform small electronics.

Nybo's creation is still in a league of complicated design simplified for consumers, but he applied it to something a little more fun than DIY Javascript hardware. Before the Kickstarter campaign, he posted the build instructions online for free, so anyone with the time and skills could construct their own version. It could be early signs of bedroom electrical engineers trying their hands at upgrading everyday things. 

Since launching the campaign in early April, Nybo's Kickstarter is already at eight times the funding he initially asked for. What's basically the Tron bike of beer pong begins shipping in July.