This 8 Year-Old's Devastating Right Hook Will Make You Want To "Hit Like a Girl"


If this 8-year-old boxing wonder proves anything, it's that hitting "like a girl" is no insult.

Last Friday, new video of Evnika Sadvakassova, also known as that adorable "Boxing Baby" from Kazakstan, hit YouTube. In a quick clip released three years since the video that made her into the "Boxing Baby" went viral, she shows off her best moves in a training session with her father, Rustam Sadvakassov.

And it's freaking impressive.


Bobbing, weaving, ducking and punching — all at lighting speed. Sadvakassova could throw "100 punches in two minutes" when she was five. She's quicker and stronger now. 


While media has taken the soft approach to calling out societal stigmas of doing just about anything "#LikeAGirl," Sadvakassova evokes an entirely different set of emotions. Much like a Serena Williams commercial, watching this 8 year-old will make you want to go out there and kick the crap out of any obstacle in your way.

Sadvakassova's focus, drive and strength prove hitting "hit like a girl" could be so badass.

Here's the entire 38-second video — feel free to play it on-loop for inspiration: