The New 'Muppets' TV Series Will Be Unlike Anything You've Seen Before


Judging by ABC's plans for their Muppets revival series, the show might best be called How to Get Away With Muppet.

According to an Entertainment Weekly report, the program will take everyone's favorite puppets in an entirely new direction: exploring their personal lives. The show will supposedly take cues from ABC's soapy Shonda Rhimes dramas — think of a Miss Piggy-esque Olivia Pope yelling at her paramour President Kermit the Frog.


It probably won't be that melodramatic, but it's definitely no Muppet Babies. The new series' logline, according to EW:

"The Muppets' return to prime time with a contemporary, documentary-style show that — for the first time ever — will explore the Muppets' personal lives and relationships, both at home and at work, as well as romances, break-ups, achievements, disappointments, wants and desires; a more adult Muppet show, for kids of all ages." 

So there'll be a bit of The Office, a bit of Modern Family, plus a behind-the-scenes aspect about putting together a new TV show, much like 30 Rock. The increased focus on relationships is an interesting twist for the show — though Miss Piggy and Kermit have always had an oft-unrequited flirtation, to see the puppets break up and make up is new territory.

Though it may seem like a strange programming decision, it's the right one. With so many properties and TV shows being rebooted this year, every opportunity to make your revival stand out is a chance to break out of the pack. This isn't just going to be a rehash of previous Muppetry. This is a new product that fits in with the rest of ABC's brand.

Of course, much of its success will depend on the execution. This is a tricky premise and will rely on audience's good faith to treat the Muppets like real people if it's not played tongue in cheek enough. Yet if it works, it could be the strangest winning gamble on TV.