13 People With Perfect Responses for Why Weed Should Be Legal


The only people who support marijuana are lazy stoners who want to legalize it because it's cool and rebellious, right?

Nope. Legalizing marijuana is having a transformative impact in places like Colorado and Washington, and the drug has been scientifically proven to be less harmful than other drugs which are perfectly legal, like alcohol. Even more, some of the most high-profile and successful people in the world have admitted to smoking pot.

The tide is starting to turn in America, and the following celebrities are at the forefront of changing perceptions. Here are 13 people with the perfect response for why weed should be legal:

1. Megan Fox: "People look at [smoking weed] like it's ... crazy ... and it's not."


2. Morgan Freeman: "It's just the stupidest law possible."


3. Miley Cyrus: "Do you know what hurts your brain?"


4. Willie Nelson: "There's a lot of money in selling marijuana."


5. John Legend: "I don't know if prohibition has ever been ... effective."

Huffington Post

6. Jon Stewart: "[What] if these same individuals had a similar perspective on ... alcohol."

Daily Show

7. Jack Nicholson: "It costs $40,000 a year for every prisoner."

Marijuana Majority

8. Woody Harrelson: "It's about personal freedom."

Daily Smoker

9. Wiz Khalifa: "The world would be a better place."

MTV News

10. Danny Glover: "The draconian laws ... impact African-Americans and Hispanics inordinately."

Huffington Post

11. Carlos Santana: "Take all that money and invest it in teachers."


12. Melissa Etheridge: "I find relief."


13. Carl Sagan: "The illegality of cannabis is outrageous."

Seattle PI

*Slow clap*