13 Absurdly Silly Fights That Every Couple Will Recognize


There's a basic principle to romance: If you're in any relationship long enough, you're going to have a fight, and it's going to be about something dumb.

The truth is that most of our fights can be traced back to bigger, hot-button topics like family, money and sex. But the everyday bickering tends to obscure the big problems and feel a whole lot tamer — and sillier. That means arguments over the toilet paper roll, the Seamless order, the IKEA trip or the mysterious hair that keeps lining the sink every damn night. After all, couples fight an estimated 312 times a year (as if we could really measure); it's safe to say that most of these fights fall into the "really, really dumb" category. 

That's not a bad thing: Couples who fight well together (and are able to laugh about it later) stick together. So Mic asked users on Tumblr, a Google survey and Twitter to rehash the dumbest and most hilarious fights they've ever had with their S.O. These should sound familiar.

Most of the time, we're fighting about food.

"I got mad at him for not knowing what he wanted in the drive-through line at Wendy's before we were even at the menu. I didn't realize why he was so upset with me. Then I told myself not everyone has the fast food menus memorized."

"We fought over a cup of cookie dough. Least to say, I won the cup."

"'Gogurts are dumb.' 'No, you're dumb.' That was our break-up."

"It was over making that refreshed-from-a-beverage noise. 'Ahhhhhh.'"

"Where to leave the drying rack."

"'You're eating grapes too loudly!' ... 'Yeah, okay, I guess.'"


It's about being right, no matter how small the matter.

"We got into a squabble in the car over the word 'frenetic.' She thought it was 'frentic' and we went round and round. Finally we pulled into a Barnes and Noble and checked a dictionary. I won."

"My ex used to take pictures of what he deemed as my messes. When I saw these pictures of my overflowing hamper or a couple of water glasses left on my nightstand, I asked him what the hell those pictures were for. 'I just like keeping them for my own personal record, so I can look at them to remind myself of what you didn't clean.'"

"We fought over forgetting the name of our downstairs neighbor's baby. Neither of us could remember it. One of us cried."

"Hands down, my silliest argument over anything with a significant other was about [our] goats. I could not get over the fact that my now ex-significant other was so adamant to register our goats under names inspired by Lady Gaga song titles. To make matters worse, he misspelled a couple of the song titles on the registration forms."


It's just because, y'know, we love each other TOO much.

"We fight about who gets to pay. 'I'm paying!' 'No, me. I'm treating you!' Battles of kindness."

"We had a huge fight because I cheated on him ... in a dream."

"[We fight over the fact] that we don't fight enough."