New Superman Movie: Man of Steel Reinvents an American Icon (+Video)


Warner Bros. has released two trailers of Man of Steel, the latest installment of the Superman film series -- which will premiere in the summer of 2013, as produced by Christopher Nolan (Batman Trilogy) and directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300). 

The film, starred by British actor Henry Carvill (Showtime’s The Tudors) as Clark Kent/Superman, and Academy Award-nominated actress Amy Adams (Catch Me If You Can) as Louise Lane -- the journalist of The Daily Planet -- will reproduce Superman's original story...with a twist. 

In the trailers, Clark Kent is seen as a glass-less and scruffy fisherman as opposed to a suit-clad journalist. This has caused some debate online, as some fans wonder if the producers switched the tie for the plaid shirt in order to give the traditional hero a working class look -- as opposed to a white collar one.   

Man of Steel also features actors Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, as Jonathan Kent and Jor-El, respectively (Superman’s adoptive and biological fathers). Warner has used Costner and Russell’s voices to narrate the first two trailers, with fatherly messages to Clark Kent/Superman encouraging him to “build character” and “inspire others” -- respectively. 

Watch Man of Steel’s, Jonathan Kent Trailer:  

Now, watch the Jor-El Trailer: