How Amazon Just Made the Bold Move To Nix 'Boys Toys' and 'Girls Toys'

Amazon is tackling gender stereotypes, one landing page at a time. 

The online retail giant has removed gender designations for toys on its homepage, Kottke reported Tuesday. When shoppers delve further into the site they can break up toys by gender in the sub-menus, but this is a promising first step to ditching gender stereotypes that the toy industry perpetuates and relies on.


A toy revolution: Amazon's move represents a larger shift in both American and global cultures away from forcing children to conform to gender stereotypes, including how toys are marketed and sold to them. Toys do not make the gender, and a child's gender expression does not depend on whether they play with a culturally sanctioned "girl" or "boy" toy. But the world, including Amazon, is picking up on this fact.

The de-categorization of toys by gender on Amazon's landing page is a promising start to larger changes the business goliath can make in the future, because it imparts the message that toys are for all children, regardless of whether it's pink or blue.

h/t Bustle