Sarah Palin Strippers Flown to Tampa to Give Republicans Lap Dances For RNC Weekend


Republicans are known for their belief in strong family values and their entrepreneurial spirit. Both are great assets for any person regardless of their political affiliation, yet for Republican politicians especially, this seems to create a conflict.

To rev up for the upcoming Republican National Convention in August, Tampa –– the strip club capital of the South –– strip clubs are getting creative to increase the number of patrons. To cater to potential new customers among the 50,000 people in town for the RNC, one adult venue hired Sarah Palin look-a-like and porn star Lisa Ann to strip at their club. It is no secret that sex and politics often mix, but this becomes a real problem when a party’s stance is built around condemning any kind of deviant sexuality.

Another strip club in Tampa has been using video cameras to record the girls as they dance. The strippers then have the ability to chat with online viewers, developing a rapport with customers before they come. Although not all attendees at the RNC will participate in these kinds of after-hours festivities, at least a few will. Club owners are expecting their revenue to quadruple during the four-day convention. More clients equate to more money for these independent business owners, many of whom are struggling to make a profit during the economic downturn.

In one sense, these adults-only enterprises embody the capitalistic principles of the Republican Party. Therefore, every gentleman (or woman) that patronizes one these establishments is actually standing firmly behind their convictions and improving the economy one dollar bill at a time.  

However, most of society doesn’t see it that way. Instead, these late-night visits (or daytime in some cases) are contradictory to the other main Republican tenet of family values. How can a person support a politician that champions the sanctity of heterosexual marriage knowing that he is dropping dollars to get a dirty dance from Sarah Palin? It’s not easy, but that is the quandary that many Republican voters find themselves in when they learn of their representatives’ extracurricular activities.

Sadly, the messy combination of politicking by day and paying for pleasure by night is too ingrained in our society to suddenly be stopped. It will take everyone from conservatives to liberals to stand up against the rampant hypocrisy that exists in the political world. We need to make it clear that isn’t ok to judge others for the same things you enjoy doing yourself and hold politicians up that same high standard.

Despite the disapproval of the public, Tampa strip clubs will undoubtedly turn a profit during the RNC. Those customers may not be representative of  “good family values,” but they can show us all one way to help the economy.