Watch This Incredible Vine of An Indian Lightning Storm Taken From Space


It's pretty cool being an astronaut. Flying 249 miles above the earth gives the world's space explorers a view of the planet that few others will ever experience.  

Over the weekend, astronaut Terry Virts, currently aboard the International Space Station, uploaded an incredible Vine showing a lightning storm in India that a casual observer might mistake for Armageddon.

Virts likely recorded the footage using High Definition Earth Viewing cameras on the exterior of the space station, reported

The astronaut, who maintains very active Twitter and Vine accounts, is no stranger to breathtaking images and video. Virts has previously filmed similar storm footage over Indonesia and the Philippines, where he caught super typhoon Noul traversing waters. And even without the aid of stunning meteorological phenomena, having a God's-eye view of the world isn't half bad.

For Virts, Goodnight Moon is a lot more than a children's book.

There is never a better chance to reflect on the smallness of humanity than after a good Vine from the International Space Station. Earth may not be the best planet out there, but it's the only one we've got. While some of the planet's most respected scientists have said that humanity is doomed unless we abandoned it, videos like Virts' show just what a beautiful thing we'd be leaving behind.