10 Charts That Prove Why Obama Has Nothing to Worry About in Election 2012


In Obama’s re-election, pictures could be worth a thousand votes.

Obama’s economic policies have worked in propping up the sagging U.S. economy, and he has done a good job handling foreign affairs dilemmas during his first term, despite of all the odds he has to overcome.

Discerning voters will do their own research, gather pertinent information, shun political rhetoric and will see through the negativity of his opponents.

Here are 10 charts and pictures indicating why Obama is the sure-fire winner in the 2012 presidential race. Obama naysayers, take a look and weep:

1) Obama revived the failing U.S. stock market.

Via Daily Kos.

2) Yes, the private sector is doing just fine.


3) Unemployment rate is down.


4) Auto sales are up.


5) Retail sales are improving.

Via: Calculated Risk

6) Home sales are up.


7) Unemployment is down.

8) The GDP is growing.

9) Bin Laden is dead.

Via: Voice of America

10) The auto industry is alive and well.