LGBT Rights vs Boy Scout Morals: Eagle Scouts Wrongly Return Medals to Protest Anti Gay Policy


Many Eagle Scouts are now returning their medals in protest to the Boy Scouts of America reaffirming its policy of excluding gays. The idea for Eagle Scouts to return their medals seemingly grew after the website Boing Boing had a letter posted by writer Maggie Koerth-Baker.  The letter was written by Maggie's husband who said in it, "Today, I am returning my Eagle Scout medal because I do not want to be associated with the bigotry for which it now stands. I hope that one day BSA stands up for all boys. It saddens me that until that day comes any sons of mine will not participate in the Boy Scouts." Other scouts have followed suit, each accusing the Boy Scouts of America of promoting bigotry and intolerance. Though the Eagle Scouts returned their medals to promote tolerance for gays, in doing so they are actually spewing on the principles of accountability and high moral rigor which earned them their medals in the first place.

Acheiving a medal for being an Eagle Scout is no easy task. It requires years of dedication, service, and rigorous moral accountability. That's why it is quite perplexing as to why Eagle Scouts think that those who choose the homosexual lifestyle should be given a free pass, whereas those who are caught in other forms of promiscuity and perversion would suffer the same fate as homosexuals. This reveals a sense of confusion in the minds of Eagle Scouts as to the purpose of striving for such a reward. 

Indeed, this confusion is the result of a few decades of efforts by the LGBT movement using a "bully pulpit" to impose their will on any organization that dares to put a stamp of disapproval on their sexual lifestyle choice. Whereas it use to be unheard of to hear someone come out and admit to being gay, it now carries a much greater risk and a more negative connotation for any person to come out and acknowledge that they have moral-based objections to the choice of living the homosexual lifestyle. It's not like those who do such are simply singling out gays with these moral objections; I for one have as much moral objection to the choice of  a homosexual lifestyle as I do for the choice of one to live out a promiscuously perverted heterosexual lifestyle outside the bonds of marriage.

While of course the mainstream media is only going to report on those Eagle Scouts who are turning in their medals to protest the decision of the Boy Scouts of America, I am all the more confident that there are more Eagle Scouts who can now wear their medals with pride due to the fact that the Boy Scouts of America has held firm to its convictions and thus has not wavered in requiring the rigorous moral standards which lead to the exclusion of those that choose a gay lifestyle. That makes it clear that those who have turned in their medals are not really shaming the Boy Scouts of America, but rather themselves by disasssociating from the rigorous moral standards that inspired them to grow up from being little boys into being strong and courageous grown men.  To advocate for future generations to be relieved of those rigorous moral standards is more becoming of cowardice than it is of courage.