J.K. Rowling Just Had the Best Reaction to How Hot Neville Longbottom Is Now


Unsure how to process how much Neville Longbottom has, er, grown since the Harry Potter movies? J.K. Rowling is right there with you.

In a cover shoot for Attitude magazine, actor Matthew Lewis stripped down to his underwear and revealed impressive pecs and abs, with what looks like a majestic wand to match.

The photos proved a bit too much for Rowling. After all, she knew Lewis back when he looked like this:

Warner Bros.

She tweeted about seeing the shoot Thursday morning, sounding a bit like a mother whose son's career she doesn't understand, but she loves him all the same. Just give her a heads up next time, she pleaded.

Even Lucius Malfoy portrayer Jason Isaacs got in on the action, calling Lewis "Nevile Pertbottom." Rowling still couldn't quite process it.

Though Rowling has certainly kept busy since wrapping up the Harry Potter franchise, it's been great to see her keep the universe alive with check-ins and a friendly rapport with the cast. Working closely with the actors as they grew up has most certainly given her a motherly bond with them. As she mentioned in her first tweet to Lewis, it was also a shock to see star Daniel Radcliffe when he was naked on Broadway in Equus in 2008.

Still, it's nice to see she supports the next moves of her franchise's former stars no matter what. She just may not want to see their wands.