Robert Pattinson Fans Make Kristen Stewart Death Threats Via Twitter


It’s day two of the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal and her fans are out for blood. 

In a public apology, Stewart admitted to cheating on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. However, that wasn’t enough for all the ardent Robsten fans that were heartbroken over the scandal.

Twitter blew up with fans looking for an outlet to express their feelings on the dramatic ordeal.

Many blame Stewart for everything:

Some fans remain positive about the situation:

Others see this as an allegory for her acting abilities:

However, one guy is still a fan:

The tweets may be funny, but the death threats she has been receiving are not. Regardless of how reprehensible the situation is, threatening the life of a 22-year old woman is never OK. Sanders, who is also a key player in this whole affair, has been receiving substantially less attention than Stewart. The 41-year-old married director has a wife and kids, potentially breaking up a family, but no one seems to think he deserves to die.

Sadly, these threats are just a result of a misogynistic world where women are demonized for making the same mistakes that men make all the time. The fact that she is a public figure and role model only makes it worse. This is not to say that she can completely be absolved for her actions, but her personal troubles should not become media fodder to increase magazine sales.

It’s bad enough that the man she loves and respects the most is now moving out of the home she shared with him, but to see it play out for all the world to see is punishment enough. One of the major reasons that Stewart is being so vilified in the media is because she is a woman. It’s unfair, but it’s true. More importantly, it’s something that can be stopped if we say it’s not OK to put the brunt of the blame on one person because of her gender.

That said, only with time will we see if the public can welcome Stewart back into its loving arms again. Until then, Robsten fans will just have to keep the hope alive for the rest of us.