If You Love Bacon and Avocado, You're Going to Love the New Emojis


The crafty folks at the Unicode Consortium, the omnipotent organization that deigns to approve new emojis, know what the people want. That's why the latest batch of new emojis is set to include bacon, an avocado, a hand taking a selfie, a shrugging man and two clinking champagne glasses. The bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato, one of our culture's greatest sandwiches, can be represented in just two taps. We are truly #blessed.

All in all, there are 38 new emojis likely coming our way. Yahoo reports that Unicode's emoji subcommittee presented its recommendations to the rest of the organization this month; assuming they're approved, they'll go into effect in June 2016 as part of the Unicode 9.0 update.

To make its recommendations, the subcommittee reviewed emoji Google searches, the most requested emojis on Emojipedia and Apple, and even a Gawker article about the "lost" emoji that never made it to the official library. For the new bird emojis, the committee went even further: It specifically consulted with the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology.

The Unicode 8.0 update, which is set for release this June, is set to include a more diverse range of skin tones and languages, as well as a taco and a unicorn, Yahoo reports. The lack of diverse emojis has been a part of the conversation for some time now, and in April, Apple added a wider range of emoji skin tones in the iOS 8.3 update — though it was not without its own set of problems

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Here's a full list of what's ahead, courtesy of the Huffington Post

1. Face with cowboy hat

2. Clown face

3. Nauseated face

4. Rolling on the floor laughing

5. Drooling face

6. Lying face

7. Call-me hand

8. Selfie

9. Raised back of hand

10. Left-facing fist

11. Right-facing fist

12. Handshake

13. Hand with first and index finger crossed

14. Pregnant woman

15. Facepalm

16. Shrug

17. Man dancing

18. Prince

19. Man in tuxedo

20. Mother Christmas

21. Wilted flower

22. Scooter

23. Motor scooter

24. Octagonal sign

25. Clinking glasses

26. Black heart

27. Croissant

28. Avocado

29. Cucumber

30. Bacon

31. Potato

32. Carrot

33. Fox face

34. Eagle

35. Duck

36. Bat

37. Shark

38. Owl

If you're a bacon and avocado fan, rejoice. Emoji avocados will last forever — even if real avocados don't. California, currently stuck in the midst of a historic drought, produces more than 80% of America's avocados. The outrageous amount of water the state needs to grow the fruit — 72 gallons per pound, compared to 9 gallons per pound of tomatoes, according to New York magazine — means our favorite toast spread will likely become a luxury.

Let's hope your phone's screen isn't the only place left for those wonderful green pods of joy. (Bacon, on the other hand, is probably safe.)

Now, all we have to do is avoid completely screwing them up.

h/t Huffington Post