Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: 7 Reasons Why the FB Earnings Report is Irrelevant


1. Throughout the past 60 years of technological advancements, the landscape has been strewn with those who dominated the tech sector but are now defunct. Just a few examples are Word Perfect, Lotus 123, Novell, and -- soon -- desktop computers. Facebook, like others, will be viewed as a mere speed bump on the road of technological history.

2. Facebook doesn’t really do anything for their participants. In fact, it has often been publicized that those who post comments about their jobs, photographs of their friends and vacations, and cute cell-phone videos of their pets are harmful to their jobs and mental health (depression, ADHD, suicide, the drain of mental health resources, and excessive medication.)

3. Underage participation on Facebook is supposed to be prohibited, but is rampant. Postings by these children are sometimes illegal and endanger their safety by exposing them to environments that coerce them into inappropriate relationships. These relationships further usurp parental authority in an already descending environment dominated by schools, child abuse authorities, and child support court activities.

4. The pornography industry is rampant and has estimated revenues from $10 billion to $750 million; while the former figure is discredited, it still demonstrates its popularity. Facebook tries to censor these activities but is ineffective in its efforts.

5. Private equity markets are indifferent to anything Facebook empowers -- only increases in its revenues and shareholder profits are their concerns-- not the capabilities nor culpabilities inherent with social networking or its pitfalls and scandals.

6. Facebook has, as its goal, domination as an internet portal. However, Google has already won the war. Even Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and major cell phone carriers have acquiesced to Android for carriage in the number of cell phones in circulation.

7. Surveillance of world-wide cell phone conversations by the National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, CIA, and an alphabet soup of other agencies, has decimated personal privacy rights guaranteed by the 1st, 4th 5th, 10th and 14th amendments to the constitution. 

These circular arguments seriously beg the question, “How long can Facebook survive?”