Opening Ceremony London 2012: NBC Hosts Ryan Seacrest and Savannah Guthrie Make for Great Duo


The Olympic Games are just around the corner, and millions are eagerly waiting to tune in on the action from the first second of the opening ceremony down to the last minute of the closing ceremony. Many are also eager to see how NBC’s hosts will bring the games to life on our television screens. Savannah Guthrie and Ryan Seacrest will be the hosts, putting them in the spotlight for the biggest television event of the year.

Skeptics may not love the Seacrest and Guthrie combo, but both hosts are well-known television personalities, and each brings something interesting to the table.

Seacrest, the host of hit reality show American Idol has a certain charm and enthusiasm that has made him the household name that he is today. Many have considered Seacrest to be the “Dick Clark” of our generation, and it is no surprise why. He has an ease and charm on camera that makes him an immediate sensation. He has hosted a variety of shows since 1993, and has already debuted on the Today show live from London. Seacrest shows great promise for what is to come in the days to follow.

Guthrie’s role as a co-host for the Olympic Games is a bit more up in the air. Guthrie has had a rough introduction into the Today show scene when she replaced Ann Curry as the co-host with Matt Lauer. The replacement came soon after the iconic show lost its 17-year lead over CBS's Good Morning America, and left many angered and confused with the decision. It also does not help the situation that Good Morning America is still leading the Today show. Guthrie may have been tossed into a sinking ship, but she is a talented and very capable woman. The opportunity to co-host the Olympic games may be what she needs to gain the popularity that the Today so desperately needs.

The Summer Olympic Games only happen every four years. The games bring with them the greatest athletes to compete for the gold. NBC did well with choosing Seacrest and Guthrie as co-hosts for the Olympics. They will complement each other nicely as the games unfold, and will also add an element of zeal that NBC viewers know so well.