There's an Awesome Secret Page Hidden in Bernie Sanders' Website


Sen. Bernie Sanders might be the Internet's favorite presidential candidate. Here's another reason why.

The progressive from Vermont darling will formally kick off his campaign Tuesday. Like other contestants in the race for the pinnacle of American politics, Sanders (D-VT) already has a fancy website. Unlike the others, however, Sanders has a major edge when it comes to his 404 page.

Bernie Sanders

The 404 page — that error message that pops up when you encounter any buggy webpage — is possibly the best, most Sandersian thing about his site. 

"Hi, this is Senator Sanders," he says, sitting in front of a brick wall in a pre-recorded video. "The good news is, you're on the right website, and it's a really good website. The bad news is, you're on the wrong page. Just scoot down to the bottom of the page and you'll find your way back home to where you should be."

Here's the full video:

404 pages can be secret goldmines for funny, quirky gems — see Lego, Homestar Runner or NPR — and Sanders may just have stolen the crown for the best one in recent memory. 

Not bad, Sanders. Not bad.

h/t Alex Fitzpatrick